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Journey Well

Support for Adults with ADHD

With Devin Dierks, LCSW

A River Runs Through Glacier National Park in Montana

"ADHD separates what you know...

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All Identities ​Celebrated Here

from what you're able to do."

-Dr. Russell Barkley

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Living in a world built for neurotypical brains can ​create a chaotic reality, but you don’t have to ​navigate alone!

Welcome to Journey Well Therapy and Task ​Bandit Coaching. We have programs to support ​you in learning how to live well with the brain you ​have.

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LCSW | Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Devin Dierks is the owner and sole therapist. A licensed, clinical social worker provides ​assessment and diagnosis, support, and strategies for prevention of mental and ​emotional distress. Rather than focusing on inner pathologies, a social worker ​emphasizes strengths in both the person and their environment.

Neurodiversity Affirming

Devin practices with the belief that ADHD is a valuable expression of human ​neurodiversity. The ADHD neurotype is a collection of traits that everyone has, but are ​experienced at a high level of intensity. Poorly named, ADHD is not a disorder, but due to ​lack of understanding, tools, strategies, and support, it can be disabling.

ADHD-CCSP | Certified Clinical Services Provider

Devin is trained to provide ADHD support utilizing current research. She engages in ​training with experts such as Hallowell and Barkley, drawing upon academic and scientific ​resources without pathologizing ADHD.

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Unsure of how you feel until you REALLY feel it



Need “deadline adrenaline” to get boring, repetitive, or ​time-consuming tasks started and/or finished

Do well with a schedule and/or routine but hate having ​one

Poor awareness of how much time is passing, ​chronically running late

Running into things with your body, your car, your stuff ​Random bruises

Frequent changes in interests, hobbies, and sometimes ​even jobs/careers

Already diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Struggle to do care tasks such as laundry, cleaning, dishes, etc.

Inconsistent patterns of eating, sleeping, body movement/exercise

The feeling that you're different somehow

Passionate about justice and fairness

Spend a lot of time in your head daydreaming, or thinking of the past or ​the future

Many projects going at once

Clutter and piles, though you swear you never lose anything

Sharing similar stories in conversation to show that you understand

Preference for deep conversation over small talk

*These are common experiences that you may ​or may not identify with. These examples do ​not constitute an ADHD diagnosis. ADHD is ​experienced in many ways.

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Inconsistent performance at school or work

Disconnect in relationships

Substance Use

Increased severity of symptoms of co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety

Low self-esteem

Shortened life span due to impulsivity and risk-taking

Poorer health outcomes due to inconsistent self-care

Separation from community and belonging



"You've introduced me to a version of myself I didn't know existed..."

"A lot of people have a bad first experience with therapy. I'm so glad you were my first therapist!"

"I actually know how to step back and think before I decide what to do now."

"It's a crazy relief to finally hear that I'm not just being lazy."

"I can't believe how much easier it is now."

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Devin can provide an assessment to affirm your ADHD diagnosis and ​any others as appropriate. Therapy may involve:

Treatment of co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety, and ​bipolar disorder

Support in reclaiming neuro-divergent identity

Engagement and shaping in environment to increase support

Challenging learned guilt and shame

Skills for soothing intense emotions

Practical strategies for managing executive functioning impairments

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Task Bandit Coaching

Coaching will aim to support your daily functioning and well-being through the ​implementation of new skills and mindsets. Coaching is available to any English ​speaking person worldwide. A coaching program with Devin consists of six, sixty-​minute sessions during which you will be challenged to reflect deeply, try new ​things, and reach your target goal. Coaching is time limited and targeted toward ​finding solutions you can utilize immediately.

Examples of Target Goals

  • Arrive on-time to commitments
  • Prioritize tasks effectively
  • Cope well with unexpected changes
  • Share needs and feelings with confidence
  • Start and finish projects with greater ease
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Why should I consider working with a professional who is also part of the Neurodivergent Community?

In the mental health field, there exists a power dynamic between the provider and the patient. The provider is seen as the ​“expert” while the patient is seen as the one who must make changes in order to be “fixed”. In some cases, this dynamic leads ​to vulnerable people making care decisions because of perceived authority, rather than their own needs. Devin believes that ​you are the expert in what you need and how you would be best supported. As a clinically trained professional and someone ​who also lives with ADHD, Devin is able to support you by drawing upon lived experience, science, training, and collective ​knowledge, the latter of which must not be undervalued. Your experience is so much more than an arbitrary list of ​“symptoms”.

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Money Matters

You will be responsible for the full cost of your session(s) at the time of service.

If you would like to utilize your Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance policy for therapy, please be aware of your coverage and if you ​have a deductible to meet, a co-pay, etc. If you aren’t sure, call the member services line, which should be listed on the back of your ​card.

Many seeking services choose not to bill their health insurance because doing so would require them to be diagnosed with a mental ​disorder. To provide even partial coverage, insurance plans dictate how often we can meet, for how long, and what we are able to do in ​session. Additionally, if your plan is billed for appointments, the plan has access to details about your treatment and your diagnosis will ​be on your medical record. Paying privately provides the benefit of privacy as well as the opportunity to work with Devin without these ​constraints, ensuring that you receive the frequency and type of support that you need.

If you will pay privately, I can accept: HSA/FSA cards, credit/debit cards, check, Venmo, Paypal, or Cash App. I do not participate in out-​of-network billing.

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What About Meds?

Stimulant medication can be a helpful tool for those living with ADHD. ​Thousands of studies over many years demonstrate that these medications ​are safe to use. I do not prescribe medication; that role belongs to doctors, ​physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who work in the mental health ​field. If you are interested in trying medication as an additional support, I ​can help you find a provider. This is a personal choice that should be ​discussed collaboratively between you and your care network. Medication ​is not necessary in order to participate in my programs, nor is it required ​for living well with ADHD. You will not be pressured by me to try ​medication, but we can discuss the potential benefits if you have any ​questions.

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Good Faith Estimate Disclosure

If you are uninsured and/or choosing to pay privately, you have the ​right to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” explaining how much your ​mental health care will cost.

Under the law, providers need to provide patients an estimate of the ​total expected charges for psychotherapy.

You can ask your provider for a Good Faith Estimate before you ​schedule a service.

If you receive a bill that is at least $400 more than your Good Faith ​Estimate, you can dispute the bill.

Make sure to save a copy or picture of your Good Faith Estimate. For ​questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith ​Estimate, visit www.cms.gov/nosurprises.

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Comprehensive ADHD ​Assessment


Includes testing and report, ​feedback, and support ​recommendations

  • For private-pay individuals or ​those seeking a diagnosis ​without participating in on-​going therapy
  • Requires two hours at ​minimum, though three or ​four hours are likely to be ​needed
  • Can be scheduled at once or ​on different days
  • Cannot be billed to health ​insurance

Diagnostic Assessment for Therapy Clients

$230/60 to 90 minute session

Can be billed to BC/BS health insurance plans

55-Minute On-Going Therapy Session


Can be billed to BC/BS health insurance plans

(6) Session Coaching Package


Can be paid in weekly installments

ADHD Education Workshops for Community ​Members and Organizations

Contact for Availability and Costs

Coaching for Therapists with ADHD

Contact for Availability and Costs

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Current ​Services and ​Investment

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Journey Well Therapy and Task Bandit Coaching services are highly specialized to support adults with ADHD. Devin maintains ​a relatively small case load in order to provide personalized and adaptive services to each client. She is a clinical social worker ​offering therapy and coaching. As such, Devin does not provide the following services and does not treat the following ​diagnoses:

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Substance Use Counseling

Marriage Counseling

Counseling of Minors

Medication Management

EAP Sessions

Faith-Based Work


Dissociative Disorders

Schizophrenia Spectrum

Interpersonal Violence

Military Trauma

A Glacier Mountain Park

Are you ready to receive ADHD support from a therapist ​who actually gets it?

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Direct Contact:

Devin Dierks

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